Fixe2mob provides a universal phone number for your cell phone , a voicemail and free phone calls

Launched last week on the App Store Fixe2mob provides a fixed phone number for your cell phone , a voicemail and free phone calls between fixe2mob users, free conference call and free calls to 0800 French toll free numbers and USA toll free numbers. is a private telecom company in France . is a success story of the new communications era. Indeed, its founder decided back in 2006& to build his own switch and to become his own telecommunication carrier. Today’s switch is interconnectedwith the public telecom network and is an authorized phone provider distributing phone numbers in the voip world. is an innovative provider of high quality, feature-rich broadband phone services to consumers and businesses. Fixe2mob phone service allows customers to use their broadband wifi Internet connection to make and receive phone calls anywhere in the world.

# # # is a service of Altern telecom, telecom operator, with an operator license in France. The purpose of this atypical telco is providing useful, innovative and accessible to everyone.

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Contact: Nour El Hadri +33 6 08 90 62 31

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